Thanksgiving Update! (11/28/19)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Here’s hoping you’re enjoying your holiday with friends, family, and good eats. I’ll only take part of your day so you can get back to stuffing your faces.

First, some promising news! I am happy to report that both the second volumes of Pirate Hunter Tempest and That Time the School Bully Got Reincarnated as a Tsundere and Became My Love Interest are both complete! I am still looking toward a December/January release for Pirate Hunter Tempest pending getting a cover drawn. Tsundere will go through a fair bit of editing, but I hope to have that out only a couple of months later. Both are a wee bit shorter than the first volumes, but rest assured, I’ve packed as much content as possible in them.

I am also happy to announce a new project that I’m presently working on. I’ll have more details about it soon but I’m hoping it’s the beginning of another hit series! Here’s a small teaser below…

Finally, I would like to provide some links to my wonderful artist, Nyx. She’s the one who drew the covers for all my books so far. If you are inclined, please support her:

That’s it for now. As always, you guys rock! Stay tuned for another update in December!

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